How to prepare Kava?

Kava is traditionally prepared by grinding the root of the kava plant into a powder, which is then mixed with water to create a drink. The process for preparing kava can vary depending on the method and tools used, but here is a basic guide for preparing kava:

  1. Start by obtaining kava root powder from a reputable source.

  2. Measure out the desired amount of kava powder for your recipe, usually 2-4 oz for a ceremonial drink or a moderate social drink.

  3. Place the kava powder into a large mixing bowl or a kava strainer bag,

  4. Add cold water to the bowl or strainer bag and mix the kava powder into the water using your hands. It's better if you use lukewarm water, if you're using cold water, It will take longer to extract the kavalactones.

  5. Knead the mixture for several minutes to help extract the kavalactones (the active compounds in kava) into the water.

  6. After kneading, strain the mixture through a strainer bag or a fine mesh strainer, discarding the solid pieces of kava root.

  7. The liquid that remains is your kava drink, which is ready to be served.

It is traditional to serve kava in a "tanoa" or "kumete", that is a large wooden bowl or hollowed-out gourd.

It's worth noting that the traditional way of consuming kava is by drinking it straight, without any additional ingredients like honey, juice, or sweeteners, although there are variations to this method and some people add honey or juice to make it more palatable. Also, Kava is usually consumed slowly, sip by sip, over the course of an hour or so, and it's recommended not to drink it on an empty stomach.